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White Glove Service

White Glove Service
White Glove ServiceWhite Glove Service: The products you buy for your home are important and deserve the care and attention that 4G'S is known for. We handle each deliveries execution with precision and care to make your in-home delivery experience approved with satisfaction.

Delivery and Installation:    No matter what speed or level of in-home service we offer our customers, 4G’s can guarantee:

  • A two-man delivery team who treat our consumers with respect. Our teams have been trained to handle all large consumer products and any unique delivery or pick-up circumstance. We are knowledgeable of each and every product we deliver.
  • Pre-specified appointment delivery window so your customers can be prepared for the delivery of their new purchase.

We offer two types of delivery services.
White Glove: This service will get your product in the final location (if there is a final location). We handle each delivery with precise movement and guarantee a perfect installation. We will remove all cardboard and debris from your product and take it away with our company.
Door to Door: We will deliver your product into the first safe doorway of your home. Depending on the product we will send one or two delivery personal at our discretion. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • This does not include moving existing furniture
  • This does not include stair carries.