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4G's Trucking Frequently Asked Questions
How many people deliver our product?
For small shipments (weighing less than 200 lbs.), your product may be delivered by one person; if it's more than 200 lbs., your shipment will be delivered by a minimum of two people and, based on the product, up to four people.

What products do you deliver?
4G's is a specialty delivery company for large consumer durables, such as furniture, fitness equipment, electronics, or anything else that's large, requires specialized handling, and isn't perishable or hazardous.

Do you deliver internationally?
No we are not internationally based.

Do you provide curbside delivery?
Only under very rare circumstances do we provide curbside delivery. Our research has shown that delivering a large consumer durable to the curbside frequently results in consumer dissatisfaction. Normally our services begin at the customer's door, or threshold, and may continue into the home for unpacking, debris removal, and assembly services.